A Brief Introduction
It is our absolute pleasure to welcome you to Be Home.

We’ve been designing beautiful, ethically sourced, handcrafted home goods from around the world for over 15 years. Each of our products was crafted by a pair of hands before finding itself in yours. We care deeply about how each of our products are made and release new products each season with this vision in mind. Our collections are thoughtfully designed in-house by our dedicated team in Northern California. Every Be Home product is handcrafted in small batches, making it truly one-of-a-kind. We prioritize partnerships with family and women-owned artisans, contributing to the livelihoods of independent makers around the globe.

Be Home offers a variety of partnership opportunities with online access to our entire pricing catalog in just a few minutes. With three permanent tradeshow locations, it’s easy to stay up-to-date on all the latest products and trends. Tour the entire Be Home collection with assistance from our expert design team. Or, get to know our products anytime with a free, one-on-one Zoom tour of our new 5,000 square foot showroom in Northern California. We encourage you to ask questions and get recommendations based on your personal style.

Product Customization

We also offer a wide variety of custom partnership opportunities with the ability to tailor our products to your exact specifications. From product development and design consultation to logos and branding, our team of expert designers are at your service. We’re humbled to enjoy key partnerships with several well-known brands and can’t wait to work with yours next. Like the incredible artisans we work with, we understand that every business starts with a dream. Whatever that dream may look like for you, we at Be Home are honored to play a part in making it a reality.


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Our Story
They say every great design begins with an even better story. At Be Home, we’ve certainly found this to be true.

Founder Jonathan Hankar first arrived in California from Belgium on business in 2005. Upon discovering an immediate fondness for the west coast’s entrepreneurial spirit and understated modernity, a new vision began to emerge. In a market brimming with plastics and polymers, Jonathan saw an opportunity to bring an easier, more organic elegance to the table—literally and figuratively. However, it wasn’t until meeting his wife and copilot Patricia Hankar that the full Be Home story began to unfold.

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Bonded by a shared affinity for eclectic tablescapes and travel, the pair frequently ran into each other at industry trade shows around the world. She would give him product pointers; he would give her travel tips. Soon the relationship grew. With 14+ years of related experience, it wasn’t long before Jonathan began partnering more closely with Patricia to bring the Be Home mission to light. Together, they set out to invest in responsibly made products that not only last but add a sense of purpose and adventure in people’s day-to-day routines. “Our cupboards are a reflection of our travels and the relationships we’ve built with our talented friends around the world,” says Patricia.

Since the very beginning, the couple has focused on building Be Home relationships with family and women-owned artisan groups, multi-generational craftsmen, and independent makers around the world. When asked where Be Home’s product inspiration comes from Jonathan will tell you, “Creatively, it’s a lot of collaborative work. Oftentimes, they are the ones coming up with the new techniques and ways of creating beautiful, sustainable products. Sometimes the ideas are ours, and other times we are simply a catalyst to production.”

“Creatively, it’s a lot of collaborative work.”

Beneath it all though, Be Home is a culmination of two major influences: The Hankar’s maternal grandmother who shared with them her love of flea markets as well as a knowledge of antiques and their paternal grandfather, a great entrepreneur, who always encouraged them to ‘dare to start something new’. It is with this in mind that, after 15 years of continued growth and success, Jonathan was able to fulfill his dream of bringing Be Home back to Europe with brother Gregory Hankar at the helm.

When they go out to eat, Patricia tells us her and Jonathan are still flipping over plates and mugs in hopes of learning more. Most importantly though, the two are focused on modeling Be Home’s values of making less waste, embracing imperfections, and preserving nature whenever possible to their three children. “At the end of the day,” Jonathan says, “at Be Home, we’re all about making sure that every area of the home is covered. That it’s beautiful, well-made, and that the people behind each product truly care.”

Wherever you discover your first Be Home product, we hope it fills your heart with dazzle and delight. Our love for entertaining goes far beyond your first impression. We’ve been designing beautiful, ethically sourced home goods from around the world for over 15 years. Each of our products was crafted by a pair of hands before finding itself in yours. We are obsessed with serving the customer, and as you can see, that passion has brought us to where we are today.

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