Our Story
They say every great design begins with an even better story. At Be Home, we've certainly found this to be true.

At Be Home, we believe that every great design begins with an even better story. Be Home curates exquisite products that beautify and improve the functionality of every home they adorn. Our pride comes from offering products that customers are eager to showcase, adding elegance and utility to their living spaces.  
Founder Jonathan Hankar first arrived in California from Belgium on business in 2005. Upon discovering an immediate fondness for the west coast’s entrepreneurial spirit and understated modernity, a new vision began to emerge. In a market brimming with plastics and polymers, Jonathan saw an opportunity to bring an easier, more organic elegance to the table—literally and figuratively. In 2006, Be Home was born. 

 As Be Home’s success blossomed, 2014 marked a personal milestone for Jonathan with the arrival of Patricia Gomez Hankar in his life. While Be Home was already well on its way to becoming a staple for those who cherish authenticity and artisanal craftsmanship, Patricia, with her retail acumen, was a welcome addition to Jonathan’s and Be Home’s journey. Her presence and retail experience brought a complementary perspective to the already growing business. Together, they continued to champion the Be Home ethos, celebrating the uniqueness of handcrafted products and the stories they tell within our homes.. “Our cupboards are a reflection of our travels and the relationships we’ve built with our talented friends around the world,” says Patricia. 


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Be Home’s focus has always been on building relationships with artisans around the world, particularly family and women-owned artisan groups, multi-generational craftsmen, and independent makers. They collaborate with these talented individuals, sometimes providing ideas, and other times acting as catalysts for production. Jonathan’s inspiration is deeply rooted in the past: it’s a blend of his maternal grandmother’s passion for the timeless treasures found in flea markets and antiques, and the entrepreneurial spirit passed down from his paternal grandfather.  Building on 15 years of success in the US, Jonathan realized a long-held aspiration in 2018 by expanding Be Home to European soil. With a dedicated EU team, the company now proudly ships its products from Belgium, servicing all European countries and beyond.  

Be Home designs home goods, crafted by skilled artisans around the world. The products are designed in-house by the dedicated team in Northern California and are made in small batches, ensuring peak quality. Be Home prides itself on the positive impact it creates, not only for customers but also for employees and artisans.  The company offers customizable partnership opportunities for wholesale clients, providing assistance with product development, design consultation, branding, and more. 

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In addition to their dedication to creating beautiful and well-made products, Jonathan and Patricia are role models for their three children, teaching them about making less waste, embracing imperfections, and preserving nature.  

Be Home offers a variety of partnership opportunities with online access to our entire pricing catalog in just a few minutes. With three permanent tradeshow locations, it’s easy to stay up-to-date on all the latest products and trends. Tour the entire Be Home collection with assistance from our expert design team. Or, get to know our products anytime with a free, one-on-one Zoom tour of our new 5,000 square foot showroom in Northern California. We encourage you to ask questions and get recommendations based on your personal style. 

Product Customization

We also offer a wide variety of custom partnership opportunities with the ability to tailor our products to your exact specifications. From product development and design consultation to logos and branding, our team of expert designers are at your service. We’re humbled to enjoy key partnerships with several well-known brands and can’t wait to work with yours next. Like the incredible artisans we work with, we understand that every business starts with a dream. Whatever that dream may look like for you, we at Be Home are honored to play a part in making it a reality. 


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